Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Fitch Worldwide

Tim Greenhalgh

Tim steers the creative output of 12 multinational design studios, across 8 countries driving design standards and influencing the shape of retail worldwide

Tim began his career with FITCH over 30 years ago and, bar a 6-year stint as Creative Director at the Conran Design Group, he has been with the international design agency ever since. Now as FITCH’s Chairman and Global Creative Chief, Tim liaises with several international creative directors, having himself worked across Europe, Asia and the US delivering design solutions for leading brands.

Tim collaborates closely with FITCH’s global network of studios every day. Overseeing the group’s Global Creative Forum, he upholds the agency’s standards of creative excellence the world over and chairs debates on what is happening in our industry, stimulating fresh thinking from a global vantage point.

Tim has also served as project lead on a diverse range of international accounts including TAG McLaren, Barclaycard, Nokia, Apple, Microsoft, Hilton, Dell and Ford. Closer to home, his work with established British brands extends to Jaguar, Harrods, British Airways and highstreet stalwarts John Lewis and Debenhams, among others.