Lord Wei of Shoreditch

Lord Wei

A background of business, investing, and technology, followed by a period of helping to start up and think about social enterprise (or social venturing and reform), which finally culminated in policy development and being invited in mid-2009 to enter the House of Lords. I have a young family and am committed to supporting my community in the creative and social hub of Shoreditch in East London. As with many other young (and older) peers I have a number of external commercial advisory and non-executive roles which help me to fund my living, office, and social venturing costs through my own social enterprise, Shoreditch Ventures.
I have three areas of focus in my public work: social reform, East Asia, and future cities.
My desire is to help foster a revival of social reform activity in my lifetime, harnessing the skills and resources that business people and entrepreneurs can bring.
As the only current ethnic active Chinese-origin peer in the Lords and senior European East Asian politician I feel a particular duty to support East Asians as a community and the efforts of those seeking to foster better relations between countries such as China and Europe, in particular the UK.